Earn up to 150% APY

Stake MATATA to earn up to 150% and Borrow up to 50% of your Stake Value in BUSD

Be your own bank

Reasons to join Matata

Up to 150% APR
Build generational wealth

The more you stake, the higher your Interest, the more we burn, the lesser there is on the market

Borrow against your stacked
50% LTV

Get up to 50% LTV of your Staked MATATA as a loan in stable coins (USDT) Repayable any time.

Metaverse Launchpad
Join the game early

Invest in the most promising Metaverse projects. Maximize your profit when projects got listed on other exchanges.

Deflationary Asset
Maximize profit

The Company buys back tokens from total supply and burns up to 2 $MATATA for every $MATATA staked.

Earn interest on your money

Borrow against your Stacked MATATAs

Stake your Matata and earn up to 150% interest, Claim your interest monthly for a steady income regardless of the market conditions. Leverage your Staked Matata to get a loan in USDT/BUSD of up to 50% of your Matata to maximize your profit or respond to an emergency need for money. With Matata, you are able to guarantee a better future for yourself and future generations by staking your MATATA you can earn tremendous interest on your money, borrow against your staked money and make optimum profit from the price appreciation


This timeline details our funding and development goals.

Community Launch

Building our community, Telegram, and Twitter to 1000 Members

Q3 2021 (Done)


Private sale to Early investors, Team Building for Regional ambassador and Partnership with Strategic Investors

Q4 2021 (Done)

IEO and IDO launch

Initial Exchange offering on Centralised exchanges and LaunchPads

Q4 2021

CEX Listing

Listing on centralized exchanges including but not limited to Bitmart, MEXC,…

Q1 2022 (Done)

Launching of Staking and Launchpad Platforms

Launching of the staking platform and listing on DEX, (Pancake Swape). Marketing launch with Celebrities, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram Influencers.

Q2 2022 (In Progress)

Lending feature Launch

Launching of the Lending feature for Stakers to get a loan of up to 50% LTV of their Staked Token

Q3 2022 (Wait for it)

Press articles

They talk about us

Partners and Integrations

Happy to work with our partners


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